Femtocell and Microcell.

The femtocell resembles a mobile mini-tower in your own home. it is also known as a microcell. They work with the Internet if there is a fixed broadband, so that all this is converted into signals that are transmitted to the telephone.

Although it is a very convenient and very powerful method, there are some disadvantages that you should know about the following:

– Keep in mind that it is only specific to a specific operator, that is, AT & T’s Femtocell will only work with these phones and services. So if we want that investment to bear the fruits we want it is important that no carrier is changed.

– The available Internet has to be broadband. If this is not the case, the wait will be much slower. This is because the femtocell will use a large part of that bandwidth to generate the signals.

The amplifiers and repeaters that this signal from our smartphone has.

Amplifiers that have this telephone signal are very powerful devices that have an incoming signal that is weak, but they amplify and retransmit that power to an area that receives much less signal than in normal conditions. These amplifiers are also known as retempers and extenders.

The solutions to all this will be to make an economic outlay for a room until you find coverage for buildings that have several floors. Thus, the coverage must reach all the floors of the building. The most popular appliance to install around the house is the weBoost and the Home MultiRoom.

These amplifiers will work in all the telephones that you have at home and with all the operators that are currently in the market. These telephone amplifiers have been gaining popularity in recent years, since those people who do not have a broadband Internet at hand will depend on that signal from the mobile phone to connect to the Internet.

A key aspect that should be noted is that the signal transmitted by broadband is going to improve that mobile phone signal in a very strong way, so it will be possible that we consider the purchase of a specific operator that ends up guaranteeing us a service that for us it has a very high quality.

They are very expensive machines, but they have reviews that are very positive because they are only investments.

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