Mobile phone trends to look out for in 2019.

Looking back to the brick-like, small screened iPhone 4 released in 2010- it’s clear to see that mobile phones have come a long way. Year on year, smartphone developers continue to create phones which break past technological boundaries and stun consumers.

The most recent smartphones are so powerful, it’s like having a computer in your pocket. Stunning design, DSLR- level photography and super-efficient interfaces leave us all wondering what’s next? In this article, we are going to cover mobile phone trends to look out for in 2019.

Smaller bezels

The bezels surrounding our ever improving, beautiful smartphone displays are getting smaller and smaller. This maximises display size, and eventually, most mobiles will have no bezels at all. This is going to look amazing, but where will the camera go? Developers have already answered this question with punch-hole front-facing cameras, and also camera notches. Despite the bezel-less screen, phones such as the iPhone-X and Honor View 20 have small cut-outs for the camera- a great compromise between screen size and functionality.

But some want to push the limits further and create a zero bezel, full-screen display with not even a camera to block the view. That’s exactly why we will start to see slide up mechanisms for front-facing cameras. Instead of having the camera embedded in the screen, you will instead slide the camera up from inside of the phone- and pop it back down once you’re done. No compromise.

Zero bezel smartphones will create a need for a brand new mobile technology- ‘in display’ fingerprint scanners. Having no bezels means no home button, which is what most smartphone fingerprint scanners rely on. Thus, in 2019, you can expect many phones to start using scanners embedded seamlessly into their displays. Samsung has recently confirmed to be jumping on this trend, using ‘in display’ scanners in the new s10 range.

Ever improving cameras.

Whilst scrolling through Instagram, I bet you can’t tell which pics have been snapped on a professional grade camera vs a smartphone. Mobile phone cameras are already amazing, and they’re only going to bet better. Gone are the days of single lenses. Many phones set to release in 2019 have 3, 4, and even 5. These lenses bring more capability to smartphone cameras, allowing users more creative control over their snaps. Not only that, all other aspects of smartphone photography are set to improve: low light capability, wide-angle shots, action shots and panoramas

Foldable phones

You heard it right, foldable phones. Ground-breaking mobile phone companies such as Samsung and Huawei have confirmed the released of folding-screen phones in 2019. These are phones which fold out to reveal a tablet-sized screen, opening up a whole new world of mobile functionality. The trend of foldable phones can only be speculated to increase after smartphone giants begin stepping up the game and releasing these new devices.

To take away

Smartphones now are miles ahead of the ones we saw 10 years ago. What was revolutionary back then is now child’s play in the mobile phone industry. Mobile phones are powerhouses. In 2019, expect continued gorgeous design, faster charging, improved cameras and never-seen-before innovations that may change the world of smartphones forever.