Mobile Phone News – Anniversary Facts About the Apple iPhone

Mobile Phone News – Anniversary Facts About the Apple iPhone

As hard to believe as it may be, the iPhone will be turning twelve years old this year. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster of a journey for Apple. Amidst the devastating loss of Steve Jobs, as well as fighting off fierce competition from Samsung, the iPhone has claimed its place, and rightly so, on the top of the smart phone mountain. While all iPhones are unmistakable, they have changed and evolved hugely these last twelve years. To celebrate the iPhone turning twelve, we’re now going to look at mobile phone news and share a few interesting facts about the Apple iPhone.

There have been over 1 billion iPhones sold over the years – While Apple have made a point of never revealing the exact number of units they’ve sold over the years, not too long ago the CEO of Apple let slip that there had been over 1 billion iPhones sold over the years. This shows how incredibly popular the iPhone actually is.

The first iPhone was top-secret – In 2007, when the world’s first iPhone emerged onto the scene, it revolutionized the world of mobile phones forever. Whereas in the past, mobile phone cameras looked primitive, and internet connectivity ran slower than an old-aged snail, the iPhone soon changed all of this. Now, people basically carried super-powered computers around in their pockets, which also happened to be able to make phone calls and receive text messages. During its conceptual phase however, the iPhone was top-secret. Only those high up in the company were aware of its creation. Those that worked on the phone had to work for the company, and they didn’t actually know what they were working on.

iPhone proved that touchscreen was the future – Google are no slouches in the tech industry. When the first iPhone was in development, Google was also working on its own smart phone. However, Google believed that touchscreen technology wouldn’t catch on, so they didn’t bother with it with their new device. That was until they saw the first unveiling of the iPhone and saw how great it looked and how very well-received it was. Google went back to the drawing board and integrated touch screen tech on their smart phone because of this.

The iPhone started life as the iPad – Nowadays, iPads are not far off being as popular as iPhones. In the early stages of the iPhone however, Apple was initially working on a tablet device before they decided to go with a smart phone. When Steve Jobs’ designers came back to him with some ideas, he put the idea of a tablet on hold and instead decided to go with a mobile phone. Obviously, the tablet idea didn’t die, because a few years later, along came the iPad.

The iPhone is Apple’s golden goose – Nowadays, when we hear Apple, we think of the iPhone. Apple however, is a company that has been around for decades. Apple have many other tech products and gadgets, including the Apple Macintosh, the iPad, the iPod, and the Apple watch. The iPhone however, is Apple’s most profitable product by a country mile. More than 70% of Apple’s revenue is generated by the iPhone.